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Homemade Hillbilly Jam (T/F 2006) by Rick Minnich

Available from Hulu.

Set against the magnificent landscape of the Missouri Ozarks, Rick Minnich’s film follows one beautiful day in the life of Big Smith, a band that creates music true to its roots — and always brings the house down. In Homemade, these neo-hillbillies guide us musically through their rich cultural legacy. We see them mixing old-time religion with hippie stylings as they play at family gatherings and spontaneous jam sessions. Minnich depicts religion, family and the Ozarks in the least hokey way imaginable, offering a portrait of the devout that’s authentic and convincing. Best of all, Homemade introduces us to Mark Bilyieu, Big Smith’s unpretentious, rootsy and soon-to-be-legendary singer-songwriter.