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Crumb (1995) by Terry Zwigoff

From Crackle: Crumb

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Terry Zwigoff’s documentary focuses on Robert Crumb, the controversial comic artist who Time magazine art critic Robert Hughes has called “the Breughel of the 20th century.” When Crumb created Zap Comix (and characters like Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural and Angelfood McSpade), he started the wave of underground comics still thriving today. But since those days (the first Zap appeared in 1968), critics have come to recognize him as an extraordinary and iconoclastic talent, and his work is finding its way into museums. Crumb’s acute eye and ear render the familiar, painfully funny circumstances of life’s rich pageant with scintillating precision. A glimpse into the psyche of one of America’s foremost artists, Crumb is frank, intimate and darkly humorous, full of disturbing revelations about the world we live in.