Free Crash Reel Screening for All High School Students

Posted February 23, 2013

All Rock Bridge, Hickman or Douglass High School Students will be able to see Crash Reel for free this Friday, March 1st at The Missouri Theater!

In 2009, Kevin Pearce was arguably the best snowboarder in the world, winning competition after competition, making lots of money and, with a core group of fellow riders (dubbed the FRENDS crew), preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Park City, Utah. Then he crashed. Director Lucy Walker brings a story that transitions smoothly from breathless aerials to emotion-fueled familial conflict, telling the story of Kevin and his family with grace and compassion. What starts as a high-adrenaline sports story grows increasingly deeper and more resonant, an inspiring tale of friendship, recovery and brotherly love.

If you want to attend, here’s the info:

1. By this Monday, 2/25: Students who want free bus transportation to/from their homes need to give their names + pick up address to their school’s main office. Students who use the bus must also submit permission slips by Wednesday to their school office. (Permission slips were sent out via CPS’s Michelle Baumstark to parents and schools.)

2. By this Wednesday, 2/27: Students who want to attend the event (regardless of transportation), need to pick up tickets by the end of the school day from their school’s main office. (We will pick up unused tickets and permission slips on Wednesday).

3. Friday, 3/1: Crash Reel plays The Missouri Theater (203 S. Ninth Street, downtown Columbia).
11:45am Doors open • 12pm Music by Yes Ma’am • 12:30 – 2:40pm film + Q&A

For more info about Crash Reel check out the film’s official website.

Please contact True/False Film Fest’s Education Coordinator Polina Malikin at if you have any questions.