False/False Film Fest

Posted February 26, 2013

Over the past few years another festival, the False/False Film Fest, has grown in our shadow and continually challenged our ability to take ourselves seriously. Curated by Scott Southwick, False/False has established itself as “the Midwest’s premiere machine-generated yet nonexistent documentary film festival” operating on the principal of “documentary plus fiction minus documentary”. Below you’ll find a few selections from False/False’s programming. You can also create your own entries using their random blurb generator.


Until The Cows Come Home

In this surreal tragicomedy, seventeen possibly sociopathic intelligence officers bring high-speed wireless internet to reclusive monks in an abandoned Cadbury chocolate factory. Narrated by Nate Silver.


With A Fine Tooth Comb

In this genre-defying movie, three generations of gay ice cream parlor owners and a kazoo-playing eco-terrorist try to make the biggest sandwich jn the urban jungle. Soundtrack by DJ Shadow.


Knee High To A Grasshopper

In this exquisitely crafted montage of unrelated scenes, five bored food activists start a girl’s school at a summer camp in the Berkshires. Produced entirely with inheritance money.


Can’t Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow’s Ear

In this Oscar-nominated portrait, three generations of undercover intelligence officers must learn to work together to care for abandoned siamese triplets in the urban jungle. Soundtrack by Rebecca Black.


Know Which Side Your Bread Is Buttered On

In this challenging dark comedy, two narcoleptic Wikipedia editors and a fun-loving Oxycontin addict learn to live and love in gentrified Brooklyn. From the director of False Vision Award winner “Firing On All Cylinders”.


No Strings Attached

In this poetic family saga, a retired Nazi theologian and a dozen retired child soldiers flick rubber bands at each other at an exclusive boy’s school. Narrated by Al Gore.


We’re Gonna Tie One On Tonight

A dozen fun-loving eco-terrorists and a dozen optimistic goat herders open a detective agency in a Baltic village. Soundtrack by Cave.


Back In The Saddle

In this profound epic, a band of idealistic circus performers live-blog the revolution in the parking lot of the local Hy-Vee. From the director of False/False fan favorite “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”.