DocuMemories #4: Forbidden Lie$

Posted September 18, 2012

DocuMemories continues at Ragtag Cinema on Monday, September 24th at 6:30 with Forbidden Lie$ (T/F 2008). In this film director Anna Broinowski introduces us to Norma Khouri, one of the most memorable subjects in the nine year history of True/False.

Norma is the author of a best selling memoir titled either Forbidden Love or Honor Lost. The book tells the story of her best friend Dalia, who grew up with Norma in Jordan. Born to a conservative Muslim family, Dalia engaged in an illicit, unconsummated romance with a Catholic solider, with whom she planned to flee Jordan and be married. Her plans were interrupted by her older brother and her father, who murdered Dalia in a brutal honor killing, stabbing her in the chest twelve times for the crime of consorting with a non-Muslim.

Much of the original response to the memoir has been expunged from the internet, but a few samples can still be collected. Norma Khouri was featured in a New York Time Saturday profile which announced, “this dark-haired woman with even darker eyes is stepping forward as a public face for all the women who risk death for violating a brutal desert code of behavior”. Emmy Chang of National Review observed in her Honor Lost review that “In fact, as author Norma Khouri explains, honor killings — which derive from laws codified in 1200 B.C. — remain an accepted part of Middle Eastern life”. And Norma herself appeared on C-Span’s Book TV, barely holding back the tears as she witnessed for her lost friend.

The doc presents this tragic tale of star crossed lovers condemned by a repressive, patriarchal society in lurid detail. Yet, as quickly becomes clear, in Forbidden Lie$ things are not as they appear to be (then again, are they ever?). Facts dissolve, and explanations abound. Soon filmmaker and subject struggle for control of the film in a sort of perverse game, as the truth seems to dangle always just beyond our reach. We can’t say much more, you just have to see this remarkable film for yourself.

Tickets to DocuMemories are:

$8.50 for the general public.

$5 for Ragtag members and all T/F volunteers; if you’ve ever volunteered for T/F 2003-2012, dig out your volunteer pass and present it at the box office to receive the member discounted admission price of $5 for all films in the series (you must present your pass, sorry but there are thousands of you out there and we need some way to recognize your contribution to receive the discount)

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