Thank You to Everyone Who Made the Boone Dawdle Happen

The 2012 Boone Dawdle was a rip-roaring success, and, we hope a real hoot for all who participated. Thanks everyone who made the day hum. We’d like to thank our guests Jodie Wille and Isis Aquarian for sharing the fascinating story of The Source , music headliners CAVE for a far-out open-air concert + Jerusalem and the Starbaskets, The Onions, Creek Bottom Dwellers, Dubb Nubb, The Flood Brothers, Yod Squad, Mr. Nasti, and Sean Witzman for sharing music along the trail. Thank you Curtis, Chelsea, and Aaron at Les Bourgeois, gracious hosts who offered up delicious food and drink.

Once again, a dedicated, exuberant army of volunteers came together and donated a day of hard work. To all who volunteered, please know that True/False would not be possible without you. In addition, our Boone Dawdle core staff put in the even longer hours at the lab and along the trail. Thank you to Doug Sonnenberg (tech and production), Camellia Cosgray (trailside surprises), Amanda Rainey (music), Rob Gaskin (logistics & volunteers), Tom Seagraves (bike load), Arin Liberman (registration & raffle), Tracy Lane and Sarah Waddill-Miller (sponsorship), Glenn Rice, Tracy Greever-Rice, Jamie Kroll, Justin Arft (production), Josh Oxenhandler (sherpa team), and Amanda Vandertuig (merch).

Finally a big tip of the hat to our generous sponsors for keeping True/False pedaling along the trail – bravo Boone Hospital Center, Delta Systems, Walt’s Bicycle, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Les Bourgeois Vineyards, Hampton Inn and Suites, 102.3 BXR, and the Columbia Daily Tribune. We’ll see you all at T/F 2013 in just 189 days!

And be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s Boone Dawdle: August 17, 2013.

photo by Ryan Henriksen

photo by Ryan Henriksen

photo by Ryan Henriksen

photo by Ryan Henriksen

Posted August 23, 2012

Qui Sont Les Trois Coups?

Have you wondered how the indefatigable French four-piece Les Trois Coups ended up busking their brains out at every juncture this T/F weekend? Kristin Torres caught them in a rare unfrenzied moment to get the back-story. Take a listen:

Posted March 2, 2012

The scoop on They Might Be Giants

Lux and Silver Circle passholders, remember when we said we’d give you guidance on this show? Ok, now is the time. To claim your tickets, go up to the Blue Note box office, on 9th just north of Broadway, and flash your pass. Their hours are: Wednesday until 9pm, noon to 5pm on Thursday, and noon to 9 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you’re wondering if you can go to “Man on Wire” and then make it to the TMBG show on time, you’re in luck. Rumor has it the band won’t be on stage until 9:30pm or so on Sunday.

Posted February 27, 2008
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