Announcing Our 2014 Buskers!

We are thrilled to announce the musical acts performing before each and every screening at True/False 2014! Check out the mosaic here!



Posted January 24, 2014

T/F 2014 Buskers!

We strive to make the four days of True/False feel unlike any other. Essential to achieving this effect is the legion of buskers who fill our town with music for the entire extended weekend. They perform at our showcases, in the streets and before each and every T/F screening.


Our 2014 lineup is coming together nicely, a mix of returning favorites and exciting rookies. Here are a few of the acts you’ll be hearing in just over 6 weeks!

First off, we’re very excited about bringing Yva Las Vegass to Columbia. Yva combines Venezuelan folk traditions and a punk rock attitude into a unique, passionate style perfect for T/F. See for yourself in this short concert below recorded at NPR.

Walt McClements was at True/False in 2012 as part of Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? He returns in 2014 as Lonesome Leash, this time playing all of the instruments himself. Check him out below performing a soulful tune.

Speaking of one-person-powerhouses, look out for Molly Gene One Whoaman Band tearing it up around town. Her no-nonsense blues is on full display in this music video for “Waitin'”, a scorching ballad about her man stumbling home at 3 AM.

The blues-based singer/songwriter Samuel James will be coming in from Portland, ME. His guitar playing prowess is on full display in this performance of his song “Camus”.

It won’t all be new faces around town this Fest. Our friends at music blog Folk to Folk will be returning to document the music of T/F. They created an outstanding collection of videos last year, so we’re looking forward to seeing what they capture this time around. And it just so happens that three of the bands they filmed in 2013 will also be returning: Yes Ma’am from the streets of New Orleans, Mountain Animation from Brooklyn and La Operación Jarocha from Veracruz, Mexico!

Check back for more T/F 2014 buskers real soon!

Posted January 13, 2014

‘Never Not Working: Shorts on Labor from True/False’ this Wednesday at DCTV in NYC

This Wednesday, August 28th True/False is partnering with the Downtown Community Television Center and Filmwax to present Never Not Working: Shorts on Labor from True/False. This free program (RSVP for tickets) will be held at DCTV on Lafayette Street in New York City.

In anticipation of Labor Day, we’ll be screening short documentaries depicting labor as an inevitable part of our lives, whether enjoyable and fulfilling, difficult and necessary, and/or both. These five selections were culled from a decade of our programming by T/F shorts programmer Karen Cirillo and T/F co-director Paul Sturtz, both of whom will be in attendance. They’ll be joined by Musa Syeed and Yoni Brook of A Son’s Sacrifice and Marcelo de Oliveira, sound designer of The Breadmakers, for a post-screening Q and A.

The films in this program are:

Tina Delivers a Goat (T/F 2013, USA, Joe Callander, 2 min)
Through taking council with a local village elder, Tina discovers the benefits of a goat, delivers the goat, says hi to mama and papa and behbeh, takes a photo, and leaves. Global generosity in all its blunt simplicity.

El Cerco (T/F 2007, Catalonia, Ricardo Íscar/Nacho Martin, 12 min)
As the fishing boats close in on the tuna, the tension escalates until the men capture their prizes.

Breadmakers (T/F 2008, UK, Yasmin Fedda, 11 min)
At a unique Edinburgh bakery, a community of workers with learning disabilities makes a variety of organic breads for daily delivery to local shops and cafés.

A Son’s Sacrifice (T/F 2007, USA, Yoni Brook, 26 min)
A young American Muslim struggles to take over his father’s halal slaughterhouse in New York City.

Il Capo (T/F 2011, Italy, Yuri Ancarani, 15 min)
A choreographed, spooky look at a marble quarry, this film features the best use of a monolith and upward pan since Kubrick’s 2001. Man, machines, nature come together in an elemental masterpiece.

To create the authentic festival atmosphere, T/F 2013 buskers Mountain Animation will be warming up the house before the lights go down. Below you’ll find a sample of the Brooklyn-based power duo performing in Union Square. They were also recently named among the seven best busking acts in NYC by the Gothamist.

New Yorkers, we hope to see you there. Remember, tickets are free, but going fast. RSVP soon if you want to join us.


Posted August 24, 2013

CoMo Girls Rock! Showcase Tonight at Mojo’s!

CoMo Girls Rock! is a summer camp dedicated to empowering girls ages 12-18 through creative expression, musical exploration and performance. Camp founders Luci Cook, Leola Davis and Amanda Rainey were inspired by the documentary Girls Rock! (T/F 2008) to create a local chapter of the nationwide alliance. CoMo Girls Rock!’s first ever week-long session just wrapped up yesterday, and now the campers get to show off what they’ve learned. The Girls Rock! showcase begins at 7 tonight at Mojo’s. All proceeds from the show will go towards next year’s camp, so come on out and show your support!

Posted June 15, 2013

‘Yes, Ma’am’ Music Headliners at the 2013 Boone Dawdle

The rollicking roots band Yes Ma’am took T/F 2013 by storm with their commanding performances before films and on Ninth Street.  Led by guitarist/singer Matthew Brecken, these buskers from the streets of New Orleans are clearly going places. While Brecken’s voice may be the first thing you notice, this knockabout combo of banjo, washboard, standup bass and gypsy fiddle are as thick as thieves and as tight as a tick: the perfect band to accompany the sun going down over the river at the Boone Dawdle on August 17.

See for yourself in the video below, part of Folk to Folk’s coverage of music at T/F 2013.

Tickets to the 2013 Boone Dawdle are on sale now.



Posted June 14, 2013

La Operación Jarocha Performs at Sparky’s in a Video by Folk to Folk

La Operación Jarocha hail from Veracruz, Mexico and appeared at T/F 2013 alongside the film Who is Dayani Cristal? which features their music. These energetic performers were also a part of our first ever at music showcase at Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream, a long time sponsor of the fest. Thankfully our friends from Folk to Folk were there to capture a stirring performance. See for yourself!

Posted April 29, 2013

Mountain Animation Video by Folk to Folk

The multi-media music project Folk to Folk shot a series of videos at True/False 2013, capturing stirring performances from the T/F busking army. In the second entry, the Brooklyn-based duo Mountain Animation jam on the banjo and violin during a showcase at Cafe Berlin.

If you want to hear more, check out Mountain Animation‘s new album, Lava Letter, in it’s entirety on the group’s bandcamp page. And don’t miss the first Folk to Folk video featuring a boisterous street performance by Yes, Ma’am.

Posted March 29, 2013

Fest Digest #4: Super Saturday

Saturday is the biggest and craziest day of True/False. Today featured 42 screenings on 8 screens in addition to concerts, panels, a fete, a stroll, a race and a game show!

Things started off at 9:00 AM with an extra chilly edition of our True Life Run. Seventy or so brave souls faced down the cold and competed, with Mike Burden finishing victorious.

The True Life Run is a benefit for our True Life Fund. Which Way is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington, this year’s True Life Fund film, played to a near capacity crowd at the 1,700 seat Jesse Hall in an especially moving screening. Before the film pastor Dave Cover of sponsor The Crossing explained his church’s interest in “film as a window into the human condition”. Afterwards Sebastian Junger received a standing ovation for his film about his fallen comrade.

As David mentioned at the show, this is the first time the subject of the True Life Film is no longer with us. The Fund will be benefiting two causes, The Milton Margais School for the Blind, an institution that played an important role in Tim’s life and work, and Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues, a charity created by Junger to offer freelance war reporters free medical training. Junger explained why started RISC, “I realized that if I had been with him, I couldn’t have saved his life, cause I didn’t know what to do either”.  You can donate to the True Life Fund online.

Saturday’s events included our annual soiree at PS Gallery, the Filmmaker Fete.

And Speed Levitch’s whimsical tour of the town, The Speculative Stroll.

photo by Andrew Richmond

The 2013 edition of Gimme Truth!, the world’s only (known) documentary game show, was the first to feature a panel of all returning judges, reigning champion Heidi Ewing (Detropia, Jesus Camp), Bill Ross (Tchoupitoulas, 45365) and Sergio Oksman (Notes on the Other, A Story for the Modlins). Between tequila shots, the trio watched ten 2-minute shorts and tried determine if they were 100% True or 100% False. Hosted by Johnny St. John, Gimme Truth! is big part of what makes True/False True/False.

photo by Catherine Meagher

T/F’s Chelsea Myers interviewed Lucy Walker, the director of one of Saturday’s big hits, The Crash Reel, for this short video. In it Walker discusses the multi-source documentary.

As always, our secret weapon, the T/F busking army, was out in full force. The day concluded the So Many Dynamos headlining our Mojo’s A-Go-Go showcase. Earlier, Snya So Pro warmed up a crowd at The Blue Note.

Our #truefalse hashtag continues to collect outbursts of enthusiasm. Here are a few examples:

Crash Reel had me tearing up so many times. Such a great film. Congrats to Lucy Walker and team! #truefalse
-Dan Lindsay  @dan_lindsay

Wow! The Last Station. Intimate look at the last days of life with fantastic cinematography. And the sounds too, so wonderful. #truefalse
-Brandon Hoops @courtsidehoops

I’ve got that cold clammy hand feeling of just having seen one of the best docs in years; THE ACT OF KILLING. #truefalse
-Tom Roston @DocSoupMan

“Cutie and the Boxer” is a revelation. A near-perfect film. #truefalse
-Aarik Danielsen @aarikdanielsen

“Which Way Is the Front Line from Here?”: The life of a journalist who successfully humanized war and people involved. #truefalse
-Katie Yaeger @KatieYaeger

When Jeremy Scahill spoke after Dirty Wars, I just wanted to get up and shout “AMEN” to everything he said. #truefalse
-Beatriz Costa-Lima ?@Bcostalima

Cutie and the Boxer was a unique love story, romantic but also painfully messy. And to meet the protagonists! What a day. #truefalse
-Luke Damiani @lukeandrewd

Can you believe it? Only one day left. We’ll see you tomorrow!

photo by Scott Patrick Myers

Posted March 3, 2013

Fest Digest #3: True/False Friday

True/False spread out even wider in day two of the fest. Films played on all eight of our screens and were joined by concerts, parties, panels and a parade. Friday’s March March is always among the highlights, a raucous reminder that Spring is around the corner and True/False has launched into high gear. In this year’s edition the punk/circus marching band Mucca Pazza led the procession of costumed revelers to the Missouri Theater.

Later at the Missouri Theater, Manhunt, Greg Barker’s gripping detective story about the search for Osama Bin Laden, played to a packed house.

Paul Rucker wowed the crowd with his experimental cello playing before a screening of Sleepless Nights at Little Ragtag.

At Campfire Stories filmmakers basked in an intimate glow and shared tales of what could have been. One standout entry was from Emma Davie of I am Breathing, who explained her unusual collaboration with the film’s subject. Across the street from Shakespeare’s The Great Wall outdoor film installation featured a far-ranging shorts program. And T/F Friday always comes to a close with @CTION, the year’s hottest party at Tonic nightclub, with MNDR spinning for the crowd.

photo by Catherine Meagher

We have a few interesting clips to share from our post film Q and As. Andy Wolff of The Captain and His Pirate explains the how and the why of his conversations with a Somali pirate.

And Emma Davie of I Am Breathing explains the difficulty of documenting intense human suffering.

If you’re looking to hear more from our filmmakers or scout films to Q for during the rest of the weekend, KBIA has an excellent eight part series called True/False Conversations. In it they chat with the filmmakers and subjects of The Moo ManPussy Riot: A Punk PrayerCutie and the BoxerComputer ChessExpedition to the End of the WorldI Am BreathingAfter Tiller and Twenty Feet From Stardom. You can listen to the audio or read the text of a transcript.

Finally, our #truefalse hashtag continues to collect reactions from around the fest. Here are a few.

The Crash Reel was absolutely exhilarating and heart-breaking all at once. #truefalse
-Taylor Glascock @tayloremrey

THE MOO MAN: sweet, and laugh out loud funny. Shared a mimosa with the farmer at #sundance – he’s just as charming in real life. #truefalse
-Andrew Droz Palermo @DrozPalermo

Lindsay Martin’s MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF YOU – slayed me – perfectly paired with STORIES WE TELL #truefalse
-jonkelland @DocCritic

@StoriesDoc played to 1700 at Jesse tonight. Amazing. Lovely film. All the best to you and your family right now @SarahEPolley. #truefalse
-Beth Kopine Canipe @BKCanipe

the power of #truefalse, i get soft-hearted and teary-eyed as @davidkinofist earnestly thanks sponsors for their support before shows
-jonkelland @DocCritic

It’s not #truefalse without Toughcats!
-Aarik Danielsen @aarikdanielsen

Just finished Dirty Wars. Prophetic line from early in the film: “If children are terrorists, we are terrorists.” #truefalse
-guavalicious @guavalicious

Good night and see you tomorrow!

Posted March 2, 2013

Fest Digest #2: Opening Night

The tenth True/False began in style at our opening night gala, The Jubilee, at the historic Missouri Theater. A crowd gathered in masquerade for libations and revelry before a screening of Sarah Polley’s new film Stories We Tell.

photo by Sarah Hoffman

photo by Sarah Hoffman

Before the film newly christened Oscar winner Malik Bendjelloul, director of Searching for Sugar Man (T/F 2012), took to the stage and introduced My Favorite Picture of You, a new short by 2012’s Oscar winner, Dan Lindsay.

photo by Scott Patrick Myers

True/False 2013 also launched on four other screens and at two concerts. The Blue Note opened with the shocking expose Dirty Wars, while at little Ragtag the Neither/Nor series with critic Eric Hynes continued with the underappreciated classic The Fall. The Blue Fugue’s “True/Folk” showcase was followed by an all experimental lineup at Cafe Berlin. Meantime in Alley A visiting artist Yulia Pinkusevich finished assembling her “Stilted” installation.

photo by Scott Patrick Myers

The conversation on our #truefalse hashtag still hasn’t slowed down. A few examples:

Finally saw THE FALL. A radical hymn to the potential of nonfiction. A film from the past that was the future. #truefalse cc: @eshynes
-Robert Greene @prewarcinema

I predict @dirtywars will be one of my fave docs of ’13. An amazing piece of investigative journalism that hits you in the gut. #truefalse
-Don Simpson @thatdonsimpson

One Oscar-winning @truefalse alum introduces film of another, as Bendjelloul sings #truefalse’s praises ahead of @dan_lindsay’s short.
-Pete Bland @xblandx

the last station, such a doozy to start out the fest, so effectively evoked how time is experienced by its chilean octogenarians. #truefalse
-lara k @conservadora

THE LAST STATION is a beautiful, perfectly tuned and powerfully moving Chilean film about the end of life. Amazing. #truefalse
-Robert Greene @prewarcinema

If I could start a school, it would be a school of mistakes. – Paul Rucker at Cafe Berlin #truefalse
-Jonas Weir @JonasWEIRD

A @ByDavidFrance sighting and hug in the first 15 minutes in town. CoMo maintains its magical status. #truefalse
-Alison Byrne Fields @abfdc

“The Stories We Tell” was incredible. Will be one of the best films this weekend, hands down. #truefalse
-Lizzie Johnson ?@lizziejohnsonnn

Very provocative”@JessHeartsMU: “Stories we tell” made me feel so many feelings. Which Is good I think. Glad to be fully “in” at #truefalse”
-Drew Elmore ?@DrewElmore1

For more pictures from opening night check out our photo page and POYi’s crowd-sourced gallery.

Get some sleep and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Posted March 1, 2013
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