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Another Kind of Influencing Machine

If anyone attending True/False ever stopped to consider where the Fest’s tickets were printed (and, let’s be honest, this elite group of daydreaming nerds and visionaries is surely very, very small), they probably imagine some sort of corporate-industrial fortress, belching smoke into the sky above Earth City, MO, a sad robot toiling away day and night in a sub-sub-basement, churning out the more than thirty thousand tickets that are distributed at the T/F Box Office each year.

Those visionary nerds would be wrong!

Every ticket is actually printed on a mini-thermal ticket printer sitting atop the ping-pong table in the basement of T/F materials coordinator and signage czar Glenn Rice’s basement. Rice has produced an impossibly entertaining, one-minute-long, lovingly annotated film that explains the process in loving detail.

There is no sad robot; there is only Glenn:

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Posted February 24, 2012

Gateway Packets Now on Sale

Get ’em while they’re hot: the 2012 Gateway Packets are now on sale!

Gateway Packets allow attendees to reserve three tickets online (they can be used for one, two, or three films), selected from a list specially chosen by the T/F programmers. Visit Visit the online T/F Box Office to purchase! Gateway sales end at 6:00 pm on Friday, 2/24.

Posted February 22, 2012

2012 Grid PDF Download

A luscious PDF version of the 2012 grid is now available for download. Click on it with gusto!

Posted February 13, 2012


The 2012 True/False Film Fest program is now online!

Behold the giant grid of films!

Savor the detailed schedule of screenings!

Easily print out all the film descriptions!

Start planning your weekend!

Freak out completely!!!

Posted February 8, 2012

Ready to Dawdle, Again?

Back for its second year, the Boone Dawdle brings together some of the best things in life — biking, music, food, nature, and film. It’s also a fun, outdoorsy way for you to show your support of True/False in the off-season. Can we call it a tradition yet? (read more »)

Posted June 3, 2011

All Passes Now on Sale

There’s still time to get your pass for True/False 2011. Super Circle, Silver Circle, Lux and Simple passes are now on sale (and only available here). There are only 8 of our Super Circle passes remaining, and these come with a special one-on-one consultation with veteran film programmer Chris Boeckmann.

Posted January 8, 2011

Free Screening of We Are Together

The Crossing, our long-time sponsor of the True Life Fund, will host a free screening of We Are Together on Friday Feb. 4 at 7:00 pm. We Are Together was the first ever True Life Fund film, screened back in 2007, and tells the inspiring story of a children’s choir at the Agage orphanage in South Africa.


Box Office Timeline

Are you ready for True/False? Follow these simple steps to make sure March 3 doesn’t catch you by surprise.
1. Buy your pass soon. There are plenty left, but they’re going fast. And why wait any longer than you have to? Pass sales end Feb 24.
2. The festival program will be announced on Feb 11. Check back here to get the scoop and start hatching your festival plans.
2. Mark your calendar for ticket reservations. The date will depend on the type of pass you have. Super Circle starts on Feb 13; Silver on Feb 15; Lux on Feb 17; and Simple on Feb 19.
3. Keep checking our web site for the latest film and event announcements over the next several weeks.

Films with Tickets Remaining

Here are the showtimes with remaining tickets. Come on down!


14C. GasLand (10:00AM, Missouri)

36B. Those Who Remain (3:00PM, Missouri)

If a film you wanted to see is not on this list, remember there is still a good chance you can get in at the door by using the Q system. Inevitably, some of the people who reserved tickets don’t show up, and we make those seats available for patrons at the door with our ingenious “Q” system.

Posted February 23, 2010

NRT Updates

Ticket reservations are well underway and the following films are NRT:

Kati With An I, Thursday, 5 p.m. at Little Ragtag

When We Were Boys, Thursday, 5:30 p.m. at Big Ragtag

Circo, Thursday, 7:30 p.m. at Little Ragtag

Waking Sleeping Beauty, Thursday, 8 p.m. at Big Ragtag

Colony, Friday, 3 p.m. at Big Ragtag

The Mirror, Friday, 5 p.m. at Forrest Theater

My Country  My Country Friday, 5 p.m. at Little Ragtag

When We Were Boys, Friday, 10 p.m at Little Ragtag

Greetings from the Woods, Saturday, 3 p.m. at Little Ragtag

Secret Screening Gold, Saturday, 10:30 p.m. at Little Ragtag

Remember, NRT stands for “No Reserve Tickets” and it means that all the tickets for a film have been purchased or reserved by passholders. When this happens, there are no longer tickets available from the Box Office for a screening. We don’t say “SOLD OUT!” because there is still a good chance you can get in at the door by using the Q system. Inevitably, some of the people who reserved tickets don’t show up, and we make those seats available for patrons at the door with our ingenious “Q” system.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Posted February 10, 2010
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