True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Cinema want local youth and educators to see remarkable independent films, make their own amazing shorts, rub elbows with talented filmmakers, artists, and community members, gain meaningful volunteer experience, and be part of our city’s cultural life. Join us!

Through classroom visits, school-wide events, field trips, discounted tickets, volunteer opportunities, and film education programs, students and teachers are able to delve deep into creative, non-fiction filmmaking, and are exposed to important social and cultural ideas that are shaping today's world. Students and teachers are a core audience at True/False - and Ragtag Cinema - and we encourage you to get involved.

Here’s how… (Please click on the links below for more info!).

1. ATTENDING the fest
3. GET INVOLVED with the fest


Local and National Youth

We welcome groups from near and far. Let us know if we can help you plan your visit! We hope to work towards providing funding to support travel and ticket purchases for low-income students as well as provide year-round programming options. In the meantime, consider starting a film club at your school and fundraising to arrange a trip to the fest!

For any other questions or ideas, please contact the T/F Education Director, Polina Malikin: education@truefalse.org


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