Boone Dawdle 2014

We're looking for a small, dedicated group of volunteers to help us pull off our crazy summertime expedition, the Boone Dawdle, held on Saturday, August 16. It's a long, hot day, but also a ton of fun. You'll need to be available pretty much all day, from 9:30 am to Midnight. (This includes the volunteer meeting and a break for dinner. You may not be working the entire time but you may have a split shift.) In exchange, we can offer you our humble thanks, an official Boone Dawdle Volunteer trucker's cap, a plate of delicious food from the local-foods picnic, and a couple of drinks at the party. Plus, if there's room on the hillside (and you're not working), you can take in the band and the movie. 


Dawdle Volunteer

Sign up below, and we'll be in touch. You may work in a couple of different areas, so please give us your top 2 choices. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon.