Festival Jobs

Want to work for the Fest? The True/False Film Fest is dedicated to equal opportunity employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran or disabled status, or any other basis protected by local, state or federal law.

About the Fest:

True/False exists in a permeable, in-between land - bounded by fiction and nonfiction, but also bridging cultures and disciplines. Within that space, we encourage an atmosphere of innovation and excitement, free of the heat and stress of the market. Here’s where a revolutionary new alloy can be forged, the future of an urgent art. Far from the mountains, oceans, media machines or other perks that usually mark a festival destination, Columbia is a friendly college town of over 100,000 people. The festival was started locally, and it is now a grassroots phenomenon, and “filmmaker utopia”, selling 45,000 tickets and supported by 1,000 volunteers. More than anything, we take pride in creating a joyful, festival atmosphere that simultaneously takes the movies very seriously.

We seek out the most creative, energetic people and give them the tools to transform the downtown core of Columbia, both indoors and out. When the festival remakes ordinary spaces into magical, temporary spots, it inspires attendees and townies. T/F showcases downtown Columbia and its potential. In addition to the opportunity to be an influential part of one of the most exciting cultural events in the Midwest, festival positions offer a high degree of autonomy and flexibility in scheduling. You’ll be working with some of the most talented, creative individuals in mid-Missouri, the True/False Core Staff, a crack squad of folks who work year-round to pull off one of the most vibrant cultural events in the Midwest. We offer a laid-back but professional culture, where all ideas are welcome, and creativity and entrepreneurship are valued and rewarded.

Get a sense of the Fest by watching our daily recap videos and, of course, scouring the rest of the website.

Updated 01/10/2017

Assistant Venue Captain

Do you have theater operations experience, either at True/False or elsewhere? Are you outgoing and friendly? Do you like imparting important information to large masses of people quickly and efficiently? Can you seat a crowd of hundreds lickety split and start the show on time? Can you train staff on the fly, and train them well? If you answered “yes” to most or all of those questions, you might be the perfect Assistant Venue Captain! This position requires the ability to successfully manage a team of volunteers and a willingness to work long hours over a four-day period.


-Work with your Venue Captain to ensure the safe and successful operation of a festival theater venue throughout the festival weekend, from Thursday through Sunday (March 2-5, 2017)

-Know your venue like the back of your hand: entrances/exits, restrooms, emergency procedures, etc

-Have your venue’s Venue Bible more or less memorized

-Work with your Venue Captain to train your venue staff

-Help your Venue Captain oversee and manage Stage Managers, Queens, and general venue staff, making sure they have all pertinent information and are successfully carrying out their assignments

-Go-to person for volunteer venue staff once initial crew assignments have been made and VC is not available

-Have your venue's Venue Bible more or less memorized

-Attend all pre-festival Venue Captain trainings and the all-volunteer training (exceptions can be made if you don’t live in or near Columbia)

Time commitment & Compensation:  Approximately 40 hours over the course of the Fest weekend (may be more or less, depending on the venue) plus a handful of pre-fest trainings and planning meetings. Ideal candidate is local to Columbia or within reasonable driving distance. This position receives a modest stipend following the festival. Interested applicants should email a cover letter outlining relevant production or stage management experience, as well as a brief summary of why they are interested in working for the True/False Film Fest. A resume is optional but not requested.

The application deadline is January 27. Please send materials to Camellia Cosgray: camellia@truefalse.org



As the festival grows, so necessarily does the staff-power, volunteer-power, and lately, intern-power it takes to pull this off! We need dedicated individuals willing to work and learn simultaneously towards the shared goal of realizing this special event. To apply for any of the below True/False internships, please send a resume and cover letter to info@truefalse.org, with the job title in your subject line. We are happy to work with students exploring the possibility of earning academic credit through their schools. 

Sponsorship Intern

Overview: This outgoing, personable, go-getter should be willing to take on a wide variety of tasks with the Sponsorship team and be open to the unexpected. This is a great opportunity for a strong candidate interested in sales, fundraising or event management.


-Implementation of sponsorship placements and benefits before and during the festival

-Assisting with pre-fest sponsor events

-Coordinating in-kind sponsor materials

-Writing and reviewing sponsorship proposals

-Post-fest follow up with sponsors

-Other duties and special assignments as assigned


-Superb organizational skills

-Excellent time-management skills and ability to juggle multiple projects

-Strong written and verbal communication skills

Time Commitment: The internship will have part-time hours during January, February, and the first half of March, plus additional hours during the week of the fest (March 2-5, 2017).


Marketing Intern

Overview: This savvy, enthusiastic self-starter will work with our marketing team to spread the gospel of True/False far and wide. It is a great opportunity for a strong candidate interested in marketing, advertising, and innovative social media strategy.


-Implementation of advertisements before the Fest

-Collecting and preparing content for social media (including live coverage during Fest weekend)

-Marketing data collection post-fest


-Comprehensive knowledge of social media platforms

Strong written and verbal communication skills

-Superb organizational skills

-Excellent time-management skills and ability to juggle multiple projects 

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours/week during January, February, and the second week of March, plus 20 additional hours during the week of the fest (March 1-5, 2017).


Art Installations Intern

Overview: The Art Installations Intern will work closely with all members of the TF Art Team to ensure that all artists working with the fest have a positive, productive experience; he or she will report directly to the Art Installations Coordinator. We are looking for someone with a strong art background. He or she will get the opportunity to engage with working artists from all over the United States (and beyond!), and at all stages of their careers. The Art Intern will learn first-hand what it takes to curate and manage site-specific installations. Must be able to lift 50lbs.


-Assist Art Team with Artist Coordination

-Arrange travel + lodging

-Be in regular communication with artists leading up to the fest

-Address needs, questions, and concerns as they arise

-Manage budgets + materials reimbursement

-Secure building permissions as needed

-Liaise between Artists and other individuals + groups, including other TF teams

-Arrange installation schedule

-Collect needed files for marketing purposes

-Liaise with artists during festival weekend

-Collect feedback from artists

-Assist with the planning of and promote workshops + artist talks

-Be informed about currently working artists, art collectives, and regional arts organizations and maintain a running contact list

-Assist with installation + tear-down of Art Installations

-Manage + maintain various Art Team documents

-Other duties as needed

Time commitment: 15 hrs/week starting ASAP, through the fest (March 2 - 5, 2017), over 2-3 days/week. One weekend day perferred. 


Stage Lighting Intern

Overview: We have high standards when it comes to presentation, be it projection, audio, seating, or lighting. In this role, you'll work with the Lighting Director to set the appropriate lighting mood around the festival footprint.


-Design and build creative way to light Picturehouse lobby

-organization and assistance during Fest

-help rigging lighting transportation

-taking charge and leading volunteers for light installation

-Organization and inventory of electrical cables/ lighting equipment prior to and following the Fest

-Lighting Maintenance prior to and after the fest



-Creative design



-Background in theatre tech, film lighting, art or design

Time Commitment: Part-time hours (2 days a week for 8-10 hours) starting in February, and full availability during two weeks of the festival (week before, weekend of, and week after)


Please contact info@truefalse.org with any general questions.